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Only to be exacerbated further by the constant spamming that will be generated by the rise in mobile gambling.

Internet casinos have a name for it and so it will be so with mobile phone users.


except that it's more expensive to spam via mobile than email (currently) so the commercial model isn't as attractive per se. Spam, and more importantly, scam is a problem, which is why I set up Grumbletext - with Adrian Harris a couple of years back. But it isn't at the same level that email spam/scam is at currently. And as long as the client has to pay for each SMS then that will limit it somewhat. And let's hope the operators work out how to deal with the problem.


Yea I got hit up by soem Mobil phone spam trying to get me to call a 900 number. From what I can understand it wont be long before we sytart getting telemarking call via our cell phones to.

Priit Vaikmaa

This only means that bulk SMS marketing is really on the rise. However, business owners should remember that spamming is never a good marketing practice. Check more information about good SMS marketing practice from TextMagic.

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