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Haha...at least, you don't live in cowtown, where if smokers choose to sit in the patio area, smokers must go INSIDE these fine eating establishments to tar up their lungs, but no can do in the patio area. Guess that's one way to re-possess a public area; the only thing is, if you stand on the sidewalk right by the patio, then you can smoke to your heart's content and still talk to your non-smoker friends.


oh i dint know this


well i think its bloody stupid smoking ban but not shisha ban < smoking ban because of the tar nicotine etc! but shisha its just a bit of pure tobacco and sugar, water and fruite! i personally think its stupid and im goin to protest in front of 10 downing street!


I can understand the smoking ban and being a smoker myself I'm slightly pleased as I will be less willinging to venture out into the cold to light up so hopefully I will cut down and eventually say au revoir to the cigerettes. However I think the Shisha ban should not go ahead as it is part of a culture a form of socialising that began ages ago. Though there are loopholes in the legislation that would allow shisha places to remain open n puffing away if the contents of the shisha was purely herbal.


The Republic of Ireland , was the first european country to have a public smoking ban, or maybe someone still thinks its in Africa, or America or in fact its not even a country, or its still a colony of the British, who still dont believe they are part of Europe. Still shisha/cigar/cigarette smoking being banned by the UK government just compounds their current policy on denying people basic rights of choice. Anyone ever thought about the gentlemans clubs in Pall Mall SW1? Where the aristocrats go to smoke cigars and hatch plans to invade other peoples countries..... i bet they are exempt.


fair enough if they want to do a smoking ban..but shisha cafes are places where people can go to smoke so they don't go to the streets..so people who go to shisha cafes go there to smoke and nothing else..so its not effecting people..banning shisha in restaraunts is understanable because of food..but if the place is ONLY for shisha..they should be able to stay open! its like saying you cant drink alchol at bars anymore..thats exactly how it is..us arabs and asians have are shisha..whilst the english have there beer..nothing wrong with it..its just cultures..and this is london its suppose to be multi-racial and understands peoples traditions..
can anyone tell me thats fair?


People who think shisha/hookah should be exempt should visit www.shishaban.co.uk and sign up the petition. thank you

sunny singh

if they quit shisha im gunna smak a man who did it k u get me lesta tingt strcitly. its all bout shisha and big up majalis and aishas shishas cafe brapp le2 blok


shisha is bad for u!!! U inhale smoke and smoke contains toxic chemicals which harm health that's why it will be banned!!! u silly people dont get it!! Smoke from ciggarettes and shisha smoke is the same smoke!!

lady sw ift

us arabs and asians have our shisha..whilst the english have there beer..nothing wrong with it.y dnt they ban alchol it has mre death rates than smoking.. its just cultures..and this is london its suppose to be multi-racial and understands peoples traditions..


i hate that shisha has gone because its not even tobacco and it doesnt harm your lungs or anything else really. please everyone who likes shisha pleasee sign like a petition and send it to the people who banned shisha. banning smoking is better because smoking actual tobacca is bad for your lungs as you get lung cancer. pleasee pleasee get shisha back!!

Terry Mardi

Its an outrage, join me, I am on a mission to unban shisha! come to desihits.com and join me TERRY MARDI on facebook too, its unbanned in Calgary, Canada, next stop UK. Bloody Schupid!

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According to me earlier in this club The tackers clun also facing the same problem like Shisha clubs in UK. This is the problem regarding licensed premises in a East

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Summary of the provisions of the Anti Snuff

1. Anti-tobacco legislation prohibits the sale or free distribution of products made from snuff to anyone under 18 years.

2. Snuff advertising ban on 300 meters of teaching basic and intermediate.

3. Ban offset through the purchase of any stimuli associated with snuff products (either through gifts, promotions or other regalia)

John S

As far as restaurants bars and clubs are concerned, I think it is individual businesses that should be allowed to choose if they allow smoking or not, and there should be a provision given to businesses to make the transition so that both non-smoker and smoking customers can be accomodated. I myself have switched to an e-cig, so I dont have to worry about the bans. The brand that I like has a lot of info about e-cigs in general on their website - thevapormaster.com

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