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If I was Hardeep Singh Kohli I'd go into hiding somewhere far far away for at least 1o years for producing what has to be the most embarrassingly unfunny load of rubbish I think I have ever seen on TV.

What a shame upon all asians. The last thing asians need is dire garbage like this prooving anyone right who says asians have no talent.


Yes Waz, couldnt agree with you more. It's like, I bet this totally untalented Hardeep Singh K thinks everyone is really laughing thier socks off everytime they do thier 'karaoke in the car' scenes, when infact everyone is cringing and feeling utterly embarrassed for the actors and everyone involved with this 'comedy'. Sure makes me wish I wasnt asian watching trash like this.


I laughed. I liked the characters. It's not run of the mill. I'll keep watching it!

Barbara Meinhoff

Mystified why this got prime time viewing, yet the far better Small Potatoes and Tottenham two were shoved into the grave yard slot.


this show was a pile of hot, steaming, sikh shit. no wonder they havnt got their own country, fukkin dumb-asses.

DJ Khanige


One word:GENIUS

Proud to be a British Indian

Dear "yawn",

Your disgraceful racist and ignorant views simply magnify your desperate need to go back to school; at the very least, you might learn how to write a proper sentance! Grow-up!

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