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Two weeks ago a young man was stabbed to death on the street next door to my shop. His family and friends set up a memorial on the sidewalk next to the liquor store where he fought and died. Along with candles, flowers and photos, someone offered an unopened 32-ounce bottle of beer. That beer sat on the ground untouched for a week when one of the local drunks couldn’t stand it any longer and grabbed it. When someone passing by told him, “don’t take that!” he incredulously asked, “why not?”

Why Not? I think the Law of Karma is a real good reason. But this man is sick, frightened and no doubt thinks he is very far from God. It seems to me that the significance of robbing a grave for something one thinks he needs is nothing compared to taking a gift from God; selling it as your own and then using the law to thwart others in its use, in order to further enrich yourself (shiver…)

The Bikrams and Chopras of this world stand in stark contrast to people like the French sadhu in India who built factories from scratch, employs thousands, and takes nothing for himself.


This is an example of power, I aspire to :-)


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