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Importers and Exporters Representatives,Suppliers of food Stuffs,Vegetables,Building Materials,Petroluem Products and General Contractor.
Contact Address:
Tel:234-8039132212 or 2348027490086
The above named company has been duely registerd as manufacturers Representatives,Suppliers of Food Stuffs/Vegetables importaters and exporters,Dealers of Petroluem Products, and General Contractor under act No.535477 dated 12th Jan 1984.
Sunny Ossai International Company is ready and able to supplies your company enough quantities of the required Mistletoe herbs for your production.
We are prepared to transact genuine business with your company if you only come down here or send Power Of Anthony to us to enable us source and export the herbs to your company without ant hesitation.
We can send down sample of the Mistletoe herbs for your perusal,confirmation and necessary actions.
Your earliest response will enable us to forward our Full Corporate Offer (FCO) for the Product.
Thank you for your anticipated Co-operation while assuring you of ourbest business transaction.
Yours Faithfully,
Sunny Ossai International Company.
S.O Akpati

Over many centuries, reverence for this herb was translated into the Christian ritual of hanging Mistletoe over doorways at Christmas. With each kiss, a berry was removed, and when they were gone, the Mistletoe was said to have lost its powers. Today, Mistletoe is used medicinally for headaches, dizziness, energy loss, irritability, vertigo, and other symptoms connected with raised blood pressure.

Mistletoe is also known by the names European Mistletoe, Birdlime, Birdlime Mistletoe, Golden Bough, and Goldenbough. Viscum is an evergreen shrub, hemiparasitic on the branches of deciduous trees, particularly oak, chestnut, apple or black poplar. The berries produce a sticky substance known as bird-lime (hence the alternate name). The Latin name Viscum refers to the stickiness of the seeds, a property essential to the propagation of Mistletoe, as its seed must stick to the trunk of its host long enough to germinate and insert a root into the bark for nutrients. One of the explanations for its common name is that Mistletoe is derived from the Celtic "mil'ioc", meaning "all-heal". The ancient Druids of northern Europe and other pagan groups revered Mistletoe, particularly when it infected oak trees (a rare occurrence). They celebrated the beginning of winter by collecting Mistletoe (by a high ranking priest who cut it with a golden knife) and hanging it in their homes. It is also the legendary "Golden Bough" that saved Aeneas from the underworld in Virgil's poem. In Scandinavia, the God of Peace, Balder, was slain with an arrow made of Mistletoe. Romans, Celtics, and Germans believed that Mistletoe was a key to the supernatural. Mistletoe also stood for sex and fertility. Over time, this reverence of Mistletoe was translated into the Christian ritual of hanging Mistletoe over doorways at Christmas. A berry was removed with each kiss, and when they were gone, the Mistletoe was said to have lost its powers. The custom of kissing under the Mistletoe may be a remnant of pagan orgies held before Mistletoe altars. The young leafy twigs with flowers are used medicinally. Mistletoe’s white berries are potentially toxic and should be avoided. American Mistletoe (Phoradendron flavescens) is similar to European Mistletoe (Viscum album), but has not been widely studied, and therefore should not be substituted for European Mistletoe until more information is available. American Mistletoe is sometimes called "False Mistletoe" to distinguish it from the European genus, Viscum album. Herbalists use European Mistletoe to strengthen the heart and to reduce blood pressure. Combined with Valerian Root and Vervain in equal parts, it makes an excellent nervine tonic. The powdered leaves have been used in the treatment of epilepsy. The primary chemical constituents may vary according to the host plant, but typically include glycoproteins, polypeptides (viscotoxin), flavonoids, triterpene saponins, caffeic acid, lignans, choline, vitamin C, and histamine. Test tube and animal studies suggest that European Mistletoe extracts can stimulate insulin secretion from pancreas cells, and may improve blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Given both Mistletoe’s tradition around the world for helping people with diabetes, and these promising pre-clinical results, human clinical trials are certainly needed to establish Mistletoe’s potential for this condition. This herb is also known to relieve pain from headaches caused by high blood pressure. Mistletoe reduces the heart rate, and at the same time strengthens the capillary walls. Its cardiotonic action is thought to be due to the lignans, while the hypotensive action is believed to be due to a choline derivative related to acetylcholine. Choline derivatives bring about parasympathetic stimulation and vasodilatation.

Jude Egbuna

I am into collection of mistletoe leaves and will like to be suppling you for export purposes.

Live Answering Service

That would be awesome, I'll be eating spicy foods this time.

Ben Cliff

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I echo poster Susan Stenovec's comment as to how can you consider soda imported from Italy green?

Also, unfortunately, not all of the brands that made your lists are available nationwide.


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